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We are a small kennel located in the foothills of North Carolina. Our goal is to produce top working bulldogs that excel in the hunting field as catch dogs, on farms as utility dogs, being instinctively protective with a natural ability to guard, and all other venues these great versatile dogs can be exposed to! In our program we only own dogs that we believe have the ability to exceed in the tasks mentioned.  As Bulldogs and Catch Dogs we feel it is important that these dogs posses a very sound temperament, drive, stamina, intelligence, and the look we feel a bulldog / catch dog should have to perform its job successfully. Our dogs have proven to be loyal, protective, courageous, and loving, especially with children.

 (Most of our dogs and all puppies have been raised by our own) 

We only own and occasionally breed dogs of such character. We consider our dogs to be a true representation of what a real bulldog is supposed to be. Not only do we take pride in calling them real Bulldogs, but we also feel our dogs resemble much of the original bulldogs found in literature as early as the 15th century. We like to think they represent them not only in function, (especially when it comes to catching wild boar) but also in type.

These days its becoming more and more difficult to find what we consider to be the "old type" bulldog. Most contemporary lines and types of American Bulldogs today have been watered down to something less than what a bulldog is supposed to be and as a result have been deviated from their original look, temperament and sadly... function. They are being utilized in ways that historically isn't what they were meant to be. We at Jam Up Bulldogs, still breed the "old type" bulldog and line breed on old "Standard" lines and the original type. On a historical level, our opinion is that our dogs still fit the mold history has shown on what a bulldog is supposed to be. There are Jam Up Bulldogs all across the country and abroad being utilized as all around working dogs and more. So feel free to browse our site , look at our photos and pedigrees for each dog. We update our kennel page on social media more than we do our website. So for more current and up to date info on what we have going on check us out there! We'll do our best to keep this website up to date as well. Find the Social Media tab up at the header of the website. We sure hope you enjoy our bulldogs and we thank you!

**Make sure to check out our Jagdterriers and chickens as well.**

Old School Rustic Bulldogs


We feel our dogs are the bulldog of olden days, not only in type but in overall comportment. 

Ability, Gameness and Function


Aside from making sure our dogs posses the right temperament and disposition, we ensure that they perform in the areas they have historically excelled in.


Dog Historian, magazine article and book author David Hancock,

had this to say about our bulldogs. Truly an honor.

"Dear Mr. Vilorio,

Your dogs look great, well done-no short-faces, excessive wrinkle, straight stifles, shortrib-cages, overstated fronts or weak loins. Do breed for function not appearance; the sheer vanity of show breeders lead them to ruin a breedby exaggerating minor breed-type features into latest fashion. Keep up the good work."

 With every good wish, 

David H

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